From the free-market standpoint, anyone selling goods or services should be primarily concerned with removing barriers to the growth of their business. A key to any successful business is building strong relationships between yourself and your important customers or / and valued employees. Clients who add to your business’s success should be acknowledged. The right corporate gifts whether it is with gifts baskets, tickets to sporting events, comps at restaurants etc is one way to generate goodwill and enhance business relationships. In fact, by paying attention to the recipient’s taste, interests, or hobbies, you can choose a corporate gift that will undoubtedly both surprise and please. Corporate gifts are one way to enhance any marketing plan. However, since many companies have restrictions regarding the value of a gift or on the situations in which corporate gifts may be given, it is smart to call the personnel department of the recipient’s company’s for its gifting guidelines, as well as check your own company’s policy. Some of the most intriguing corporate gifts are gift baskets that have been personalized with with embossed ribbon, custom engraving, pad printing, engraved plaques, or hang tags. Depending upon gifting policies, corporate gift baskets can be lavish affairs with expensive champagne, caviar, and engraved fluted glasses sent to an individual or large luxury corporate gift basket overflowing with all sorts of savory and sweet gourmet treats for a whole office. Whatever the situation, a sensational corporate gift basket will remind customers of your company’s commitment to outstanding premium products, unsurpassed service, and dedicated efforts.

However, in a cut throat business environment, hould a company determine that serving a segment of the population entails more investment than profit, it is only reasonable to conclude that the company’s focus would be better served elsewhere. Indeed, a private company may decide not to offer additional services for any reason; the marketplace will provide the eventual response as to whether this decision is in the company’s best interests.

A moral and ethical imperative seems to rest with those requiring some form of accommodation — simply put, the nice thing to do, the right thing to do, is to do what you can to give people with and without disabilities the same opportunities. Our society’s progress can certainly be viewed as having less to do with technological innovation than it does with increasing the quality of life for the largest number of people. Equality, one of the purported cornerstones of modern civilization and Western Democracy especially, is only served by providing all members of society with the same level of opportunity.

However, there are also genuinely important cases that define legal status and provide precedent for public policy decisions in the future. Progressives, reformers, activists, advocates…any number of persons interested in public policy changes may find the civil suit to be a more effective and high-profile method of change. While this alone may cause objections from some segments of society, it is important to distinguish the ‘frivolous’ lawsuits from the justifiable pursuit of positive social and legal progress.